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Fredneil bobdylan woodyguthrie Fredneil bobdylan woodyguthrie Easily, the music map solutions are pretty silly(Liz phair.In addition looper? ).Within the event you dig that manly, brooding folk thing i'd suggest the initial few tim hardin albums(They're handily numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 a great live disc), Bobby Darin's long sixties folk recordings, Ricky Buckley(He also did a variety of neil's"Whales"), Perhaps you are thinking some Townes Van Zandt. Updated by scram at 1:44 PM on nov 16, 2006 It is great to hear that fred neil is still alive and well.Its been almost 40 years now and i would enjoy catch him at a small venue.The longshot, and it certainly won't be easy, but make sure you check out richard farina. Circulated by huplescat at 5:45 PM on late 16, 2006 He would be too"Electrical power, but ammunition by tim easton is one of the best discs i've picked up this year and it may fit into what you must have.I was surprised that he's not getting more notoriety. Issued by quadog at 6:29 PM on don't forget national 16, 2006 Shared by kirth gerson at 6:42 PM on nov 16, 2006 Oh yeah huplescat, sorry to ensure you purchase your hope up.I meant i paid attention to his cd playing in a cafe.Fred's been dead due to the 2001, at the same time. Submitted by piratebowling at 6:46 PM on don't forget national 16, 2006Ramblin' jack port Elliot Maybe too precise but leonard cohen. Printed by lois1950 at 1:25 AM on nov 17, 2006 Gaga (more jewelry here) van ronk Harry buckley Here is a nice quote that i just found on a fred neil google:At the hands of dave van ronk:Van ronk suggested: "The beatniks disliked folk music.True beats liked cool jazz, bebop, Pandora Dangles Charms and hard remedies.But in the attention of the media, folk music and beatniks were one and precisely the exact same.So plenty of came to the village to see the beatniks and they ended up seeing folk music,

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